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Accessories and Spare Parts

Eaton Bag Filter Housings

Original Eaton accessories and spare parts - guaranteed to fit!

A picture of various Eaton bag filter housing accessories and spare parts.


Models currently unavailable.


Original Eaton accessories and spare parts for safety and reliability. The wide range of filter vessel accessories from Eaton makes it possible to custom design a vessel to the exact requirements of your application, no matter how complex or unique it may be. Accessories can be used not just to meet applications requirements but to improve a process as well. For example, displacement balloons make bag changeouts easier and magnetic inserts extend filter bag life in applications where iron particles are encountered. Original Eaton Added Value Accessories are guaranteed to work with your Eaton filter vessels and to provide the reliable filtration performance expected of them.

Bag Holddown Rings

The various ECOLINE, SIDELINE, FLOWLINE, and MAXILINE bag filter vessels are fitted with different bag hold-down rings (included with vessel). They hold the filter bag in the restrainer basket fitted in the filter vessel.

O-Ring Seals

Eaton metal filter vessels are fitted with standard Buna-N® O-rings, but offer other O-ring materials such as EPDM, Viton®, PTFE-encapsulated Viton, or silicone rubber. They offer a variety of chemical and thermal resistances to meet a multitude of uses. Plastic vessels have Viton O-rings.

Displacement Balloons

During filtration, they float in the filter bag, minimizing the amount of residual liquid present in the filter bag and reducing product loss. This eases the changing of the filter bags and eliminates the need for expensive pressure-aided draining systems. The 316 SS balloons’ maximum ³P is 230 psi and they are available in sizes #01 and #02.

Manifold Modules

Eaton standard pipe modules are available in 316 SS designed as 90° elbows, flange reductions, flanged Tee sections, and flange manifolds to easily assemble DUOLINE or MODULINE bag filter systems based on FLOWLINE, SIDELINE, or TOPLINE size #01 or #02 vessels.

Restrainer Baskets

Heavy duty 316 SS baskets (included with housing) allow use of filter bags up to differential pressures of 75 psi. Available in all standard bag sizes, fitting all Eaton bag filter vessels. Specially designed restrainer baskets are available for specific applications, including special materials of construction such as Hastelloy or Halar coated, perforated plate, gasketed basket top ring, conical shape, etc.

Eaton Magnetic Strainers

Magnetic strainers are a combination of a bag positioner fitted in the center with a magnetic bar or bars inserted into the filter bag during filtration. They will retain iron particles such as chips and fines, avoiding their deposition onto the filter media, thus extending the life of the filter bag. They will also retain finer iron dust when using bags of coarser micron rating. Eaton magnetic strainers are available in size #01 and #02 using one or two 316 SS-covered magnetic bars.

Bag Positioner

Recommended for safe positioning of the filter bag in order to eliminate up and down movement of the bag caused by uncontrolled changes in pressure drop, thus avoiding the chance of the bag bursting. During filtration the bag holder remains in the filter bag (also in combination with the displacement balloon). Bag positioners are available in sizes #01, #02 and #05.

Leg Assembly

A height-adjustable leg assembly is standard for size #01 and #02 TOPLINE, FLOWLINE and SIDELINE housings, and is an option for ECOLINE housings.

Mesh Strainers

Bag filter vessels may be fitted with 316 SS mesh strainers in place of restrainer baskets, converting them into strainer filters. Mesh strainers are available in five standard sizes: #01, #02, #03, #04, and #05–offering micron ratings of 25, 50, 100, 150, 250, 400, 800, 1200, and 4000.


Gauges, vents, eye bolts, clamp screws, V clamps, center bolts, butterfly, and ball valves are available as accessories or spare parts to fit the various Eaton bag filter housings.

Adapter Head and Basket

Used in conjunction with SNAP-RING filter bags in gravity feed open systems. Adapter heads are available in 316 SS and polypropylene with 1.5" or 2" NPT. No support basket is required for pressures to 10 psi. Above that, to 20 psi maximum, a basket support is recommended.


Dimensions currently unavailable.

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