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Model 2596 10"-16"

Eaton Automatic Self-Cleaning Filters and Strainers

Cast automatic self-cleaning pipeline strainers

Photo of a cast Model 2596 10 to 16 inch automatic self-cleaning pipeline strainer.


Flow Rates

Graph showing the flow rates for Model 2596 10 to 16 inch strainers.


Eaton’s Cast Model 2596 Automatic Self-Cleaning pipeline strainers 10" to 16" are available in cast ductile iron. The strainers are available 10", 12", 14", and 16" sizes.

The Model 2596 automatic self-cleaning strainer, designed for the continuous removal of entrained solids from liquids in pipeline systems, is available in sizes 2" through 8" in cast construction and 10" through 60" in fabricated construction. Design and construction are in general accordance with ASME Sec. VIII, Div. 1. A wide range of screen designs and perforation/mesh sizes are available, as well as custom designs and exotic materials.

The Eaton 2596 automatic self-cleaning strainer is a motorized unit designed for the continuous removal of entrained solids from liquids in pipeline systems, preventing damage to expensive pipeline system components. It features the unique idL™ shaft seal that positively prevents leakage from the backwash shaft at the top of the strainer. With Eaton’s idL seal the exterior of the strainer stays dry and clean in service, there is never any bothersome external leakage or weeping of the process medium down the sides of the strainer.


  • Flow rates up to 7000 gpm (1590 m3/hr)
  • A broad selection of screen options
  • Automatic backwashing for operator-free service and minimal backwash effluent
  • Exclusive idL™ Shaft Seal for long-lasting leak free service life
  • Unitized modular assembly for easy maintenance

Eaton’s automatic self-cleaning strainers are commonly used on water service in which the disposal of debris and backwash water is not a problem. Continuous flow is assured and protection is provided for nozzles, pumps, valves, heat exchangers, and process equipment.

With an automatic control system monitoring the strainer operation, cleaning is accomplished by an integral backwash system. A small portion of the screen element is isolated and cleaned by reverse flow. The remaining screen area continues to strain – providing uninterrupted flow. With this efficient design, only a small amount of the liquid being strained is used to carry away the debris from the strainer.


Eaton’s automatic self-cleaning strainers are used to strain fresh, brackish, or salt intake water for plant services such as cooling, process, and fire protection. The strainers allow water to be recycled within the plant, reducing costs. Typical applications include:

  • Process Industry – Protect heat exchangers, pumps, valves, and water spray nozzles.
  • Power Industry – Strain pump seal water and traveling screen wash water.
  • Pulp & Paper Industry – Remove and separate bark and chips for recycling and prevent clogging of nozzles.
  • Sewage and Water Treatment Plants – Straing secondary effluent prior to discharge and provide clean plant service water.
  • Primary Metal Industry – Provide clean water for quenching, descaling, and blast furnace cooling.
  • Irrigation/pump house – Protect sprinkler nozzles and improve efficiency while reducing repair and equipment replacement costs.


CAD drawing showing the dimensions of a Model 2596 10 to 16 inch strainer.


Drag your finger across the table to scroll

Approx. Dimensions
in (mm)
Approx. Weight
lbs (kg)
A B C D E F G J K M P L Dry Wet Cover
10" 38-¼ (972) 19-¾ (502) 35-¾ (908) 64-¾ (1645) 90 (2286) 8-9/16 (217) 2 (51) 7/8 (22) 10-11/16 (271) 12-½ (318) 24-½ (622) 1840 (835) 2615 (1186) 705 (320)
12" 36-¼ (921) 19-¾ (502) 35-¾ (908) 64-¾ (1645) 90 (2286) 8-9/16 (217) 2 (51) 7/8 (22) 10-11/16 (271) 12-½ (318) 24-½ (622) 1880 (853) 2675 (1213) 705 (320)
14" 44 (1118) 22-1/16 (560) 42-5/16 (1075) 76-½ (1943) 112 (2845) 8-9/16 (217) 2 (51) 7/8 (22) 10-7/8 (276) 13-½ (343) 29-5/8 (752) 2810 (1275) 4360 (1978) 1050 (476)
16" 44 (1118) 22-½ (571) 42-5/16 (1075) 76-½ (1943) 112 (2845) 8-9/16 (217) 2 (51) 7/8 (22) 10-7/8 (276) 13-½ (343) 29-5/8 (752) 2850 (1293) 4400 (1996) 1050 (476)

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