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Specialty Filter Cartridges

Close-up detailed photo of specialty filter cartridges from Eaton.

Specialty filter cartridges are available in different filter materials from 0.5 - 150 µm.

Thumbnail image of a LOFCLEAN filter cartridge.


Resin bonded, with rigid pore structure. Withstands extreme viscosity and temperatures from 1 to 150 µm.

Thumbnail image of a LOFSORB filter cartridge.


Activated carbon filter cartridges remove chlorine, taste, odor, organics, and color components with retentions from 1 to 10 µm.

Thumbnail image of a LOFMET filter cartridge.


Titanium porous metal filter cartridges for extreme operating conditions with retentions from 0.5 to 35 µm.

Thumbnail image of a BECO PROTECT KM filter cartridge.


Sintered stainless steel cartridges for steam applications with retention rating of 10 µm.